Your First Day On Campus

Find a Job

Housing and Food Services employs many students and offers flexible hours and convenient work locations to makes it easy to fit a job into your busy life. Watch for signs and advertisements for more information, or complete an online application.

Activities Abound

There will be plenty of activities during the week—tours and movies, games, crafts, and even karaoke. Take the first few days upon your arrival to explore all the new and exciting things that you can do during the semester.

Take a Tour

Take a tour of campus and learn where your classes will be, find bus stop locations, visit University landmarks, and meet new people. Learn about the history of Penn State as you walk the expansive campus. Remember to bring comfortable shoes.

Read a Newspaper

The Newspaper Readership Program is provided to enhance your living and learning experience. The local paper (the Waynesboro Record Herald) and national favorites (USA Today and The New York Times) are available free of charge Monday through Friday throughout campus in special newspaper machines. Your Penn State id+ Card is required to open the machine.