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University Park 2024 Summer Session II

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Housing Arrival Schedule

University Housing opens on Sunday June 23; students are not able to arrive prior to this date.

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Your To-Do List

Important steps that you'll want to complete prior to your Scheduled Move In.

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Packing Information

Get packed! Learn about what is available in your room, what to pack, and what to leave at home

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What to Pack

Please refer to the HFS Contract Terms, Conditions, and Regulations for more detailed information. Since only one vehicle per student is permitted to unload, be careful not to overpack.

  • Baskets for toiletries and storage
  • Cleaning supplies and paper towels
  • Computer, printer, and cables
  • Desk lamp, desk supplies
  • Fan (portable)
  • Financial items (checking/savings account, credit/debit card, health insurance card, Social Security card, driver's license, etc.)
  • First-Aid kit (band-aids, cotton balls, cotton swabs, cold/cough medicine, aspirin, thermometer)
  • Food items (can opener, bottled beverages, coffee maker with automatic shutoff, one set of silverware/plates/bowls/glasses, snacks, dish detergent/towel)
  • Games (cards, board games)
  • Game consoles and cables
  • Hangers
  • Laundry bag/basket and detergent
  • Padlocks for desk, laptop, and bike
  • Room decorations^
  • Sewing kit/safety pins
  • Sheets, pillow, and blanket - for extra-long twin bed (80" x 36") 
  • Toiletry items 
  • Towels
  • Umbrella, rain boots

Items available for check-out at the Commons Desks:

  •  Cleaning Supplies
  •  Recreational Equipment (basketballs, Spikeball, volleyballs,  ping pong paddles, pool cues, etc.)
  •  Vacuum cleaners
  •  Tool Kit
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What to Leave Behind

Please refer to the HFS Contract Terms, Conditions, and Regulations for more detailed information. Only one vehicle is permitted to unload, so be careful not to overpack.

  • Air Conditioning units, including portable units and "swamp coolers"
  • Alcohol+
  • Appliances, air fryers, griddles, instapots, rice cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, etc. 
  • Ashtrays*
  • Candles and incense
  • Ceiling fans
  • Firearms
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Grills
  • Halogen lamps
  • Heaters
  • LED strip-lighting
  • Pets (small fish tanks up to 5 gallons are allowed)
  • Pianos
  • Skates, skateboards, and scooters
  • Vacuum cleaners (available for check out at the commons desk)
  • Window Treatments (blinds, draperies)
  • Wireless Routers
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What's In Your Room

  • XL Twin Bed with mattress (80" x 36")
  • Bookshelf
  • Bulletin Boards (available in traditional residence hall rooms only)
  • Chest of drawers
  • Wardrobe
  • ​Desk with chair 
  •  Wi-Fi service
  •  Mirror
  •  Window treatment
  •  Microfridge (refrigerator/freezer/microwave unit - one per room)
  •  Smoke detector (one per room)
  •  Trash can (one per room)

^Please visit your residence hall building page or the Room Decoration Guidelines in the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations to learn more about what product to use to hang items in your room

+Alcohol is prohibited on campus, regardless of the resident's age

* Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls, common areas, and dining facilities.

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Arrival Day

Here's what to expect on your Scheduled Move In day.

Arrival Check-in Locations

Click the Arrival Check-In Location listed below to expand the selection.

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Arrival Check-in Location: Findlay Commons, East Halls

During NSO check-in, Early Arrival check-in, and the evening hour check-in timeframes, the Arrival Check-In Location will be at Findlay Commons in East Halls.

When you arrive on campus, proceed to the designated unloading zone indicated for your summer room assignment and walk to the Findlay Commons in East Halls. Look for directional signs for "Housing Arrival".

You will receive ONE unloading permit that you can display in your vehicle (multiple vehicles are not permitted in the unloading zone, and multiple permits will not be issued). 

Once you have finished unloading, please move your vehicle to the long-term parking at Beaver Stadium - Stadium West lot. The Molly Trolley or Blue Loop will provide transportation back to the residence area during a limited timeframe.

Vehicle Unloading Zones

Using your mobile device, select your building name to use Google Maps, then click "Directions" and/or "Start" for navigation to the unloading zone: 

East Housing Area

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After Arrival

Now that you are settled in your new home, review important reminders to help you make the most of your #LiveOn experience

Living with a Roommate and In a Community

Living with a roommate is a great experience and helps you learn more about yourself and how to communicate and relate effectively to others. Knowing how to take responsibility for yourself and how to respect others are valuable skills in all relationships. Living in a community also brings a responsibility to residents - safety and security are very important, and you play an important part in keeping yourself and your community safe. If you see something, say something. University Police are available by calling 814-863-1111.

To support the mission of providing a safe, comfortable, secure, and nurturing living-learning environment that is conducive to students' academic pursuits and personal growth while fostering a sense of community, civic responsibility, and an appreciation of diversity, the University offers Residence Life staff in every residence hall and apartment area. Residence Life staff include student and professional staff members who live in the community and are available 24/7 to provide information and resources, offer help and support, plan social and educational activities, and address residents' concerns.

Resources for Living On Campus

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