Routing Pass


Due to limited parking availability, please follow these guidelines during the advertised arrival times that check-in is located at the Bryce Jordan Center. We appreciate your cooperation, so that others have the opportunity to park and unload.

  • When you check-in at the Bryce Jordan Center, you will receive a Routing Pass. This pass will help staff direct you through traffic to an available lot. When you enter the lot, staff will exchange the Routing Pass for an Unloading Permit.
  • You will have 20 minutes to unload your vehicle, then move your vehicle to a Long-Term Parking Lot. Your long-term parking permit will be printed on the back of your Unloading Permit. The Long-Term Parking Permit will expire at midnight Sunday August 20.
  • Only ONE vehicle per student will be permitted in the unloading zones around the residence halls. All other vehicles must park in the Long-Term Parking Lot.
  • U-Hauls and/or trailers are NOT permitted in the housing parking areas.
  • Only ONE visit is permitted to the unloading zone. If you will be shopping, you will need to park in the Long-Term Parking Lot upon returning to campus and utilize the CATAbus service. We are unable to permit return traffic to the unloading zones during the peak hours.

Routing Pass

Housing Area Buildings Routing Map
East Brumbaugh, Earle, Hastings, Snyder, Stone, Tener EAST-1
East Bigler, Curtin, Geary, Packer, Pinchot, Sproul EAST-2
Pollock McElwain, Hiester, Ritner, Shulze, Wolf POLLOCK-1
Pollock Porter, Shunk POLLOCK-2
South Beaver, Chace, Cross, Ewing, Haller, Hartranft, Lyons, Mifflin, Simmons SOUTH-1
South Atherton SOUTH-2
South Cooper, Hibbs, Hoyt, Stephens SOUTH-3
West Hamilton, Irvin, Jordan, McKee, Thompson, Watts WEST
North Beam, Holmes, Leete, Robinson, Runkle NORTH
Eastview Brill, Curry, Harris, Miller, Nelson, Panofsky, Young EASTVIEW
Nittany Nittany Apartments & Nittany Hall^ NITTANY

*Nittany Hall is not available for check-in until 6pm on Friday August 18