Room Assignments

You will be notified when your room assignment will be posted on eLiving.

To view your room assignment, login to eLiving. If your room assignment is not yet available, please check back later - it will be posted once it is completed. You will need your Penn State Access Account and password to login to eLiving to view your room assignment.

Your room assignment will include your room/hall, mailbox information, and roommate name, home phone, and email address.

Information maintained through this page will be updated on a nightly basis, so if a change is made, it will not be reflected until the following business day.

Note: Before you can view your room assignment information for the first time, you must acknowledge the immunization requirements for living on campus and review and update the "emergency contact information" section. Residence Life will use this information in the event of an emergency situation so they know who to contact. It also alerts them if you require special assistance to evacuate the building.

Room Exchange eBoard - summer/fall assignments only; not available for spring semester

Didn't get the room assignment you had hoped for? Try the Room Exchange eBoard - a convenient way for students to switch assignments using the eLiving system. The eBoard opens at the same time room assignments are posted, and will be available for a limited time only.