Pre-Semester Housing

Pre-Semester Housing is available at the University Park campus beginning Friday August 6 for University Park International Students only. The University is not able to accommodate off-campus students who need housing between summer and fall semesters.

Pre-Semester Housing Information

  • Eligibilty: pre-semester housing is reserved for International Students attending University Park
  • Check-In: any date between Friday August 6 through Sunday August 15 at Findlay Commons Desk
  • Check-Out: All students must check-out by 9:00 a.m. Monday August 16
    • Students living on campus will move to fall room assignment. You will need to check-out of pre-semester housing as early as possible by removing all personal items from the room and returning the room key to the Findlay Commons Desk (failure to return the room key will result in a $64 core change fee).  Check-in to your fall room assignment at the Commons Desk of your fall room assignment, then move items to your fall room assignment. Moving bins will be available. 
    • International Students living off campus in the fall semester will need to move to fall apartment. Housing is not available after Monday August 16.
  • Housing Location: Traditional Residence Hall, East Housing Area
  • Check-in Location: Findlay Commons Desk, open 24 hours/day
  • Cost: per night cost of $25 room and $25.25 Campus Meal Plan = $50.25 per night though Sunday August 15, plus $25 room rate per night for Monday August 16 - Wednesday August 18 = $75.00. The fall semester Campus Meal Plan will be activated on Monday August 16 when you check-in to your fall room assignment (remaining dining dollars from summer will be transferred to your fall semester account)
  • Payment: charges will be applied to your student LionPATH account for payment
  • Food ServicesEast Food District is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday - Friday; brunch and dinner Saturday -Sunday. HUB Dining is available for lunch Monday-Friday
  • Mail/Packages: please use your FALL room assignment mailing address for having packages delivered or if you are registering for accounts. Do NOT use your pre-semester housing mailing address due to possible issues with forwarding mail and packages! 


Register for Pre-Semester Housing Online. 

Questions? Please contact Housing Assignment Office