Parking and Unloading

Arrival Day

When you arrive on campus, follow the directional signs to your check-in area. There will be temporary unloading zones for the residence area, and there may be a wait to enter to the unloading zone. Staff will be on hand to help direct traffic and answer questions.

After you have checked in, you can then unload personal belongings from your vehicle and move into your residence hall. Volunteers will be at the unloading zones to assist with move-in. A limited number of carts will be available for transporting items. However, to expedite your move, we encourage you to bring your own cart or dolly.

Once you have removed your belongings from your vehicle, please move your vehicle immediately to one of the long-term parking lots. This will allow others to unload more quickly. Each vehicle will be allotted a certain amount of time in the unloading zone. Staff will be available to direct you to a parking lot. We appreciate your cooperation with the parking/unloading process.

Vehicle Registration

Students are required to register for a parking permit in order to park on campus. There is no fee to park on campus. Students can obtain parking permits in the Office of Finance and Business, Room 101 Administration Building. Learn more.