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Starting your college experience can be an exciting and overwhelming time for any student. When you add the component of traveling to another country to the process, it can definitely be stressful and tiresome. We are here to help you with this transition!

Official Housing Arrival Days are Thursday August 22 - Saturday August 24.

University Housing opens on Monday August 19 for students who may need to arrive early. You do not need to request permission to arrive early! Outside of the posted Arrival times, the Findlay Commons Desk is open 24 hours a day to assist you with checking in during the overnight hours.

Students who arrive Monday August 19, Tuesday August 20, or Wednesday August 21 will have the Early Arrival fee charged to their LionPATH account. The Campus Meal Plan will be activated upon check-in and does not require an additional fee.


Global Programs is a great resource to assist you in getting prepared for your journey to the United States.

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Penn State University Park is nestled in central Pennsylvania, near State College. Learn more about travel options to Happy Valley.

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Fall Pre-Semester Housing

International students are encouraged to arrive at University Park after Monday August 19, but it is understandable that there can be limited travel opportunities and students may need to arrive prior to this date. University Park offers "Pre-Semester Housing", which is an on-campus housing residence hall offered to students to live temporarily until the entire campus opens on Monday August 19.

Pre-Semester Housing is for University Park International Students only. The University is not able to accommodate off-campus students who need housing between summer and fall semesters, or to accommodate students whose off-campus lease does not start on the date that they arrive to the area. 

Pre-Semester Housing Information

  • Eligibility: pre-semester housing is reserved for International Students attending University Park

  • Check-In: any date between Monday August 5 through Sunday August 18 at Pollock Commons Desk, which is open 24 hours a day. 

  • Check-Out: All students must check-out by 9:00 a.m. Monday August 19

    • Students living on campus will move to their fall room assignment at 9:00 a.m. Monday August 19. You will need to check-out of pre-semester housing as early as possible by removing all personal items from the room and returning the room key to the Pollock Commons Desk (failure to return the room key will result in a $64 core change fee). Check-in to your fall room assignment at the Commons Desk of your fall room assignment, then move items to your fall room assignment. Moving bins will be available. 

    • International Students on campus currently for summer session who will be living off campus in the fall semester will need to move to their fall off-campus apartment no later than 9:00 a.m. Monday August 19. On-campus housing is not available after Monday August 19.

  • Housing LocationPollock Halls: Porter Hall Shunk Hall

  • Check-in LocationPollock Commons Desk, open 24 hours/day

  • Cost

    • Per night, from date of check-in through Sunday August 18: $30.00 room and $27.50 Campus Meal Plan = $57.50 per night costPLUS 

    • Monday August 19 - Wednesday August 21: early arrival fee = $90.00

    • The fall semester Campus Meal Plan will be activated on Monday August 19 when you check-in to your fall room assignment (remaining dining dollars from summer will be transferred to your fall semester account), and we will not charge you extra to use the meal plan for those three days.

  • Payment: charges will be applied to your student LionPATH account for payment

  • Food ServicesPollock Dining Commons is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday - Friday; brunch and dinner Saturday - Sunday. HUB Dining is available for lunch Monday - Friday

    • Mail/Packages: please use your FALL room assignment mailing address for having packages delivered or if you are registering for accounts. Do NOT use your pre-semester housing mailing address due to possible issues with forwarding mail and packages, especially if you plan to order cell phones or bank account cards.

Request Pre-Semester Housing

Registration for pre-semester housing opens at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET Monday June 1

  • Register online through eLiving > Contracts > Request Summer / Break Access Housing

    • Select your arrival date

    • Select "International Student" as the reason housing is needed

  • Registration closes at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET Friday August 16 

Request Pre-Semester Housing

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