Check-In Information

To expedite check-in, one member of your family may unload the vehicle while you check-in.

Only Penn State students with proper identification can receive a check-in packet. Packets will not be given to family members or friends. After you have received your 4-digit pin, you may move your items into your room. Please move your vehicle to a temporary parking lot as soon as it is unloaded.

What to Bring to Check-In

  • Penn State id+ Card or other photo ID.
  • Yourself (you may not send a friend or family member to check-in for you)

What You'll Receive at Check-In

  • You will receive your 4-digit pin number for your room door
  • Room check-in sheet
  • Other important information

If you do not have a room assignment for move-in day, go directly to the Housing and Food Services Office, located in The Mill Cafe. If the office is closed when you arrive, contact Police Services or Residence Life.

Check-In Locations

Check-in times

If you live in: Go to:
Mont Alto Hall Mont Alto Hall Lobby
Penn Gate I Penn Gate II Lobby
Penn Gate II Penn Gate II Lobby