Check-In Information

To expedite check-in, one member of your family may unload the vehicle while you check-in.

Only Penn State students with proper identification can receive a check-in packet. Packets will not be given to family members or friends. After you have received your room key, you may move your items into your room. Please move your vehicle to a temporary parking lot as soon as it is unloaded.

What to Bring to Check-in

  • Penn State id+ card or other photo ID
  • Yourself (you may not send a friend or family member to check-in for you)

What You'll Receive at Check-in

  • Room key
  • Room check-in sheet
  • Other important information

If you do not have a room assignment for move-in day, go directly to the Housing and Food Services office, located in the building with Brodhead Bistro, adjacent to the residence area. If the office is closed when you arrive, ask Police Services or Residence Life for assistance.

Check-in Locations

If your room is in:  Harmony Hall

Pick up your key at:  Housing and Food Services Office