Your To-Do List

Contact Your Roommate

You will receive notification by mid-July informing you when you can view your room assignment information on eLiving. Your room assignment information will include your housing assignment and roommate information. If you have not met your roommate(s), give them a call and introduce yourself. Now is a good time to talk about your interests, your families, why you chose Penn State, and what each of you plans to bring with you. This way, you won’t duplicate items like TVs, game consoles, and DVD players. For a complete list of items that are prohibited in the residence area, review the Housing Contract Terms, Conditions, and Regulations.

Get Registered

All students must complete the registration process, which consists of:

1. Enrolling in specific courses
2. Complete payment of tuition, fees, and room/board charges. 

Students arriving for fall semester that have an incomplete registration will be given a timeframe to complete the process or will be required to vacate on-campus housing.

If you have decided not to attend Penn State this fall but received a room assignment, please contact Housing and Food Services as soon as possible to discuss canceling your Housing Contract. This will grant another student the opportunity to live on campus, as well as provide the maximum refund possible for you.


Bring personal items that will help you feel at home in your new room. Review helpful checklists to find out which items you should bring and which you should leave at home.

Note: Your bed requires extra-long twin sheets.

We suggest that you pack light when you come for Welcome Week. Don’t bring all your clothes for the year. You may want to wait to see how much storage space you have and then plan on bringing additional items at another time. Pack everything in boxes or storage bins and clearly mark each with your name and room number.

Consider Expanded Cable

Your room and board fee includes the cost of basic cable TV service. If you are interested in expanded service, you can contact Comcast for information about rates and billing options. Comcast will also have a table set up in the Millstream Cafe during Arrival.

Set Up Your Computer

If you plan on bringing a computer, get connected. Contact Residence Hall Computing at 717-749-6300 for any assistance getting online.

Penn State id+ Card

Your Penn State id+ Card is your official University ID. During FTCAP, you should have had your picture taken and received your id+ card. If you didn't, visit the Housing and Food Services Office upon your arrival to get your card. Be sure to bring a valid driver's license or other form of ID to receive your id+ card.

You are responsible for carrying this card with you at all times. The id+ card is used as an identification card, provides access to your residence hall, and is the method of payment for your on-campus meals. Your Campus Meal Plan will be automatically activated for you to use the first day that you arrive on campus.

If you lose your card, visit the Housing and Food Services Office to get another card at the current replacement fee, which will be charged to your student account.

AlcoholEdu Program

The AlcoholEdu program is a two-part program that is a requirement for all new Penn State students. Part One must be completed before classes begin. You will receive an email with instructions for how to login to the course, which takes approximately three hours to complete (you can take breaks as you go along). You will need a computer with Internet access and audio capability to complete the program. Visit the Healthy Student web site for additional information.